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who'd you kill for your url

I thought this ask was going to be someone wanting to talk to me about George Lakoff’s parent metaphors. I’m actually kind of disappointed.

But I’ve had a gif saved for this for the past week now so who am I to rob you of your answer.



best motherfuckin friends! 

And really that’s a thing I want my fic to deal with & try and gimme some closure on in the downtime, while homestuck leaves me in the Throes Of Agony. But don’t tell anybody I said that, it’s a secret between me and you, o’ thousands of readers.

Homestuck ending in its fifth year (assuming we don’t make it to 4/13/15) seems pretty natural to me, in a lot of ways. It always seemed to be about the horrors of childhood and the problem of trying to sustain yourself independently. Everyone loses their parents eventually, some sooner than others, or lose them as guardians because they became, or were insufficient. Parents aren’t perfect. You sometimes get to inherit a lot of their problems, which seems to be the theme; alternian trolls have to deal with the dangerous society crafted by their ancestors, the kids admire but sometime are burdened by the flaws of their parents. And everyone has to deal with life without custodial influence (unless you count the malicious omnipotence of Lord English) the moment they play the game. At a really tragically young age, too.

When the kids are adults narratively and chronologically— from 13 years of age to 18— they’ll have what they need to find happiness and emotional/physical independence, which takes a lot of growth and improvement. The story will have taken the same time (mythologically speaking, I certainly wasn’t an ‘adult’ at 18) as an actual child of its protagonists’ age to mature.

So while reading has been.. … painful, I guess that all relates to the metaphor in some way too, doesn’t it.

Oohhh, egg B)

Momo did you see THE EGG?

EGg? ? ?


OH GHB, sigggggggggggh. You under appreciated, clever, manipulating clown horror show. Damn you and all your hard to draw muscles. 


OH GHB, sigggggggggggh. You under appreciated, clever, manipulating clown horror show. Damn you and all your hard to draw muscles. 



Check out the trailer for my senior game project, Wingman! Thank you team Crowmad for being my best experience here at DigiPen.

I have growing frustration with popular tumblr users’ “callouts” of benign behavior (non-standard pronouns/having fursonas/being weird) in response to being confronted on their own behavior by smaller blogs, that have then lead d i r e c t l y to those tumblr users being targeted by anti-sj hateblogs, communities and subreddits and sent messages encouraging them to kill themselves? Nice going, you are proving exactly your point about destructive callout policies. … by creating the very behavioral results you say are so dangerous & widely publicizing these people as spectacles for derision. Did you honestly think there would be no consequences to that???? Are you paying attention to the very things you are trying to say?? Why are YOU the one that gets to pass the buck.